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Our programs are sponsored by leading healthy food and consumer brands, including Kellogg’s, Clif Bar & Company, Del Monte, Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese, and many more. The materials you receive cover a broad range of health topics, including weight management, heart health, diabetes, pediatric health, and women's health, to name just a few.

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"The HCPNetwork has provided me with great food samples and educational materials that have been helpful when teaching nutrition education to patients or groups of people. It really assists the education process when people can taste healthy foods at the same time that I am teaching them about nutrition."


“It arms patients with practical information they can use when shopping and preparing meals or snacks.”


“This was one of the best patient education pieces I've received! Very well done." 


“I appreciate having materials and coupons to hand to clients at the end of the session. [HCPNetwork is a] value-added service.”


“I was able to try the product myself and this makes it more valid for me to recommend it.”